Phrasal verbs with make

Here is a list of phrasal verbs beginning with the letter M. Each expression is followed by its meaning. Example sentences are also given.

Make out (separable)

To make something out is to understand it.

Your handwriting is so illegible. I can’t make out even a single word.

Make out (separable)

To make a check out is to write a check.

You should make a check out to the manager.

Make out (inseparable)

To make out is to succeed.

Although he has been investing in stock market for a while, he hasn’t really managed to make out.

Make out (inseparable)

To make out is to progress.

How is your daughter making out in her studies?

Make over (separable)

To make something over is to do it again.

She made me do the washing over.

Make up (separable)

To make up is to invent a story.

I don’t think you should believe her. She always makes things up.

Make up (separable)

To make something up is to complete what you missed.

Fortunately for me, my teacher let me make up the assignment I missed yesterday.

Make up (separable)

To make your face up is to apply cosmetics.

It takes me well over 30 minutes to make my face up.

Make up (inseparable)

To make up is to reconcile or end all hostilities.

As you have known each other for a long time, I think you two should make up.

Make up for

To make up for is to compensate for.

He made up for being late by buying me a nice gift.

Mix up (separable)

To mix something up is to confuse.

ESL students often mix up verb tenses.