Phrasal verbs

Here is a list of phrasal verbs beginning with the letter D.

Die away

If something dies away, it diminishes in intensity.

The excitement soon died away.

Die down

If something dies down, it diminishes in intensity.

The controversy about the minister’s involvement in the scam soon died down.

Die off / die out

To die off is to become extinct.

The Giant Pandas are in danger of dying off.

Disagree with

If food or drinks disagree with you, they make you sick.

Alcohol disagrees with me.

Do away with

To do away with something is to abolish it.

Several countries have done away with the death penalty.

Do over (separable)

To do something over is to repeat it.

There are way too many mistakes in this essay. I think you should do it over.

Do without

To do without something is to manage without something you want.

We can’t do without water or oxygen.

Dress down (separable)

To dress somebody down is to scold them severely.

My dad dressed me down for crashing his car.

Dress up (separable)

To dress up is to wear fashionable clothes. To dress something up is to decorate it.

They dressed up the venue with bright lights.

Drop in

To drop in is to visit someone unexpectedly.

Margaret dropped in yesterday.

To drop in on somebody is to visit them unexpectedly.

If you were driving by my house, why didn’t you drop in on me?