Phrasal verbs with C

Here is a list of phrasal verbs beginning with the letter C. Each expression is followed by its meaning. Example sentences are also given.

Call back

To call somebody back is to return a telephone call. The phrasal verbs phone back and ring back have very similar meanings.

  • I will ask her to call you back when she returns.

Call in (inseparable)

To call in is to pay somebody a short visit. The expressions pop in and drop in have very similar meanings.

  • Julie called in yesterday.
  • I will call in sometime next week.

Call in (separable)

To call somebody in is to ask them to come and help you.

  • Should we call in the police?
  • They called the doctor in.
  • You should be able to fix minor issues on your own. You can’t call in an expert every time your fridge breaks down.

Call off (separable)

To call an event off is to cancel it.

  • They called off the show because of bad weather.
  • Maria has called off her engagement to Sam.

Call out (separable)

To call out is to shout.

  •  The anguished mother called out her son’s name but there was no reply.

 Call up

To call somebody up is to telephone them.

  • I called him up but he didn’t answer.
  • You should call me up when you get there.

Carry away

When you get carried away you behave stupidly or in a silly manner because you are too excited, upset or angry.

  • She was carried away by excitement.
  • He got carried away and spent all his money on gadgets.

Carry on

To carry on is to continue working.

  • She was upset when she heard the news but she carried on as if nothing had happened.