Phrasal verbs with make

Make is used in a large number of common expressions. Examples are: make a noise, make money, make a profit, make tea, make one’s fortune, make the beds etc.

  • ·       I will make the bed, but you have to do the dishes.
  • ·         The kettle is boiling. Shall I make tea?

Make is also used in a large number of common idiomatic phrasal verbs. Here is a list of them.

Make fun of somebody

To make fun of somebody is to ridicule or laugh at them.

Make light of something

To make light of something is to treat it as not serious or not difficult.

Make the most of something

To make the most of something is to use it to the greatest advantage.

Make for

To make for is to rush violently at.

Make off

To make off is to go or run away especially after doing something wrong.

Make away with something

To make away with something is to steal it or take it without permission.

Make out

To make out is to write out (e.g. a cheque or a bill).

Make something over to somebody

To make something over to somebody is to transfer the possession of something especially by a formal agreement.

Make up

To make up is to:

a) invent a story

b) supply what is needed for completion

c) settle a dispute

d) become friendly again after a quarrel

Make up one’s mind

To make up one’s mind is to decide something.