Phrasal verbs beginning with H

Here is a list of phrasal verbs beginning with the letter H. Note that the two parts of a separable phrasal verb can be separated. That means you can put a pronoun object in between them.

Hand back (separable)

To hand something back is to return it.

  • She handed the envelope back to him.
  • The officer handed me my passport back.

Hand down (separable)

To hand a judgment down is to pronounce it formally.

  • The friends and relatives of the convicted accused that the sentence handed down by the judge was too harsh.
  •  The Prime Minister is expected to hand his decision down on food security tomorrow.

Hand down (separable)

To give knowledge, skills or something else to someone who is younger than you.

  • These stories have been handed down from generation to generation.

Hand in (separable)

To hand something in is to submit it.

  • I have handed in my assignment.


Hand out (separable)

To hand something out is to distribute it.

  • Ask him to hand out the fliers to children.

Hand over (separable)

To hand something over to somebody is to give it to them.

  • He handed over the keys to her.

Hang around

To hang around is to spend time in a place doing nothing.

  • She likes to hang around the beach.
  • Don’t just hang around. Do something.

Hang up (separable)

To hang clothes up is to suspend them on a hanger.

  • He hung his jacket up in the closet.

Hang up (inseparable)

To hang up is to put down the telephone receiver.

  • She hung up before I could finish.

Have on (separable)

To have your clothes on is to wear them.

  • You must have your coat on when you go out.

Have over (separable)

To have people over is to invite them to your house.

  • I had some friends over for dinner yesterday.

Hear from

To hear from somebody is to receive a call, letter or email from them.

  • I haven’t heard anything from him lately.