Phrases with act

The word act is used in many common phrases. Here is a list.

Balancing act / juggling act

This expression is mainly used to refer to a situation in which you have to perform many different tasks at the same time.

Many women quit their jobs when they find it difficult to perform the balancing act between work and family.

Be a hard act to follow

If somebody is a hard act to follow, they do something so well that others who try to do the same thing after them are unlikely to be just as successful.

I know Julie is a hard act to follow, but I will do my best.

Appleā€™s iPad was a hard act to follow. None of the tablets that hit the market later were just as good or popular.

Catch someone in the act

To catch someone in the act of doing something is to find them and stop them when they are doing something wrong.

He denied stealing the money, though he was caught in the act.

Get in on the act

To get in on the act is to become involved in a successful activity with the sole objective of gaining some of the advantages for yourself.

We were running a local catering service quite successfully until some other companies started getting in on the act.

Get your act together

To get your act together is to organize your life or work in a better way.

If you want to meet the deadline, you will have to get your act together.

When are you going to get your act together? You are so irresponsible.