School idioms

Crack a book

To crack a book is to open a book to study. This expression is usually used in the negative.

  • I passed the test even though I didn’t crack a book until the day before the test.

Crank out a paper

To crank out a paper is to write an essay or a paper in a mechanical way.

  • Students who have to crank out a paper to pass tests often seek help from professionals.

Draw a blank

To draw a blank is to get no response from someone when you ask them a question.

  • The teacher drew a blank when she asked the boy about his grades.

Drop out of school

To drop out of school is to stop attending school.

  • He dropped out of school and went to work in a pub.

Eager beaver

An eager beaver is someone who works very hard.

  • Shyam is an eager beaver and always scores the highest marks in his class.

From the old school

This expression is used to refer to people who believe in ideas that were popular in the past, but have lost their significance now.

  • My mother is from the old school. She still believes that a girl can’t make friends with boys.

Get through

To get through a test is to pass a test.

  • He was a brilliant boy and got through every test he took.