Read the answers and frame questions

Read the following statements and questions.

He will start at ten in the morning. When will he start?

They will stay in a hotel near the fort. Where will they stay?

Here the statements are the answers to the questions that follow them.


Read the following sentences and frame appropriate questions.

1. Ravi will prepare the draft today itself.

2. The men pulled the animal out using ropes.

3. You will find the keys on the table.

4. The man at the gas station will help you.

5. They will close the shop at 9 pm.

6. We can rely on her promises.

7. I shall write to the manager.

8. You will be treated as a friend.

9. She will invite the CEO as the Chief Guest.

10. They will see the Niagara Falls during their trip to Canada.


1. When will Ravi prepare the draft? / Who will prepare the draft today itself?

2. What did the men pull out using ropes? / How did the men pull the animal out?

3. Where will you find the keys? / What will you find on the table?

4. Who will help you? / What will the man at the gas station do?

5. When will they close the shop?

6. Can we rely on her promises? / On whose promises can we rely?

7. Whom shall I write to?

8. How will you be treated?

9. Whom will she invite as the Chief Guest?

10. What will they see during their trip to Canada? / When will they see the Niagara Falls?