Active and Passive Voice Exercise

Rewrite the following sentences so that the verbs will be in the active voice.

1.    We are taught grammar by Ms Sullivan.
2.    He was praised by the teacher.
3.    The injured were taken to the hospital by the firemen.
4.    The town was destroyed by an earthquake.
5.    The teacher was pleased with the boy’s work.
6.    The building was damaged by the fire.
7.    By whom were you taught French?
8.    You will be given a ticket by the manager.
9.    The streets were thronged with spectators.
10.    We will be blamed by everyone.
11.    The trees were blown down by the wind.
12.    The thieves were caught by the police.
13.    The letter was posted by Alice.
14.    We were received by the hostess.
15.    The snake was killed with a stick.
16.    The minister was welcomed by the people.
17.    He was found guilty of murder.
18.    This house was built by John Mathews in 1991.


1.    Ms Sullivan teaches us grammar.
2.    The teacher praised him.
3.    The firemen took the injured to the hospital.
4.    An earthquake destroyed the town.
5.    The boy’s work pleased the teacher.
6.    The fire damaged the building.
7.    Who taught you French?
8.    The manager will give you a ticket.
9.    Spectators thronged the streets.
10.    Everyone will blame us.
11.    The wind blew down the trees.
12.    The police caught the thieves.
13.    Alice posted the letter.
14.    The hostess received us.
15.    They/somebody killed the snake with a stick.
16.    The people welcomed the minister.
17.    They found him guilty of murder.
18.    John Mathews built this house in 1991.