Active and Passive Voice Exercise

Change the following sentences into passive voice

1.    The children laughed at the beggar.
2.    They elected him chairman.
3.    One should keep one’s promises.
4.    When will you return the book?
5.    Somebody has picked my pocket.
6.    Circumstances obliged me to agree.
7.    I saw him stealing the watch.
8.    We must listen to his words.
9.    Who broke this window?
10.    One cannot gather grapes from thistles.
11.    People regarded him as an impostor.
12.    Do not insult the weak and the oppressed.
13.    They refused him admittance.
14.    The doctor despaired of his recovery.
15.    The manager will issue you a ticket.
16.    He handed her a parcel.
17.    They asked me my name.
18.    We will execute all orders promptly.
19.    People all over the world speak English.
20.    They saw the storm approaching.


1.    The beggar was laughed at by the children.
2.    He was elected chairman.
3.    Promises should be kept.
4.    When will the book be returned (by you)?
5.    My pocket has been picked (by somebody).
6.    I was obliged to agree.
7.    He was seen stealing the watch.
8.    His words must be listened to.
9.    By whom was this window broken?
10.    Grapes cannot be gathered from thistles.
11.    He was regarded as an impostor.
12.    Let the weak and the oppressed not be insulted.
13.    He was refused admittance.
14.    His recovery was despaired of by the doctor.
15.    You will be issued a ticket by the manager. OR A ticket will be issued to you by the manager.
16.    A parcel was handed to her. OR She was handed a parcel.
17.     I was asked my name. OR My name was asked by them.
18.    All orders will be promptly executed.
19.    English is spoken (by people) all over the world.
20.    The storm was seen approaching.