Active and Passive Voice Exercise

Change the following sentences from the active voice into the passive voice.

1.    The tiger killed the deer.
2.    The woodcutter cut down the trees.
3.    Columbus discovered America.
4.    The teacher praised the student.
5.    The old woman feeds the pigeons every day.
6.    John was flying a kite.
7.    My father will give me a present.
8.    The police caught the thief.
9.    I will conquer him.
10.    He kept her waiting.
11.    The hunter shot the lion.
12.    A little girl opened the door.
13.    The boy threw the ball.
14.    He scored full marks.
15.    His behavior vexes me.
16.    Manners reveal a person’s character.
17.    He made a remarkable discovery.
18.    He wrote an interesting story.
19.    Little strokes fell great oaks.
20.    Everybody loves him.


1.    The deer was killed by the tiger.
2.    The trees were cut down by the woodcutter.
3.    America was discovered by Columbus.
4.    The student was praised by the teacher.
5.    The pigeons are fed by the old woman everyday.
6.    A kite was being flown by John.
7.    I will be given a present by my father. OR A present will be given to me by my father.
8.    The thief was caught by the police.
9.    He will be conquered by me.
10.    She was kept waiting (by him).
11.    The lion was shot by the hunter.
12.    The door was opened by a little girl.
13.    The ball was thrown by the boy.
14.    Full marks were scored by him.
15.    I am vexed by his behavior.
16.    A person’s character is revealed by his/her manners.
17.    A remarkable discovery was made by him.
18.    An interesting story was written by him.
19.    Great oaks are felled by little strokes.
20.    He is loved by everybody.