Changing an interrogative sentence into the passive

Read the following sentences:

Active: Do the children play football?
Passive: Is football played by the children? (NOT Do football played by the children?)
Active: Did Alice invite you?
Passive: Were you invited by Alice? (NOT Did you invited by Alice?)


As you may have noticed, the auxiliaries do, does and did are not used in the passive.

Active: Have you finished the work?
Passive: Has the work been finished by you?

Notes: The auxiliaries has, have and had are used in the passive, but they change their form according to the number and person of the passive subject.

Active: Can anyone cure it?
Passive: Can it be cured?
Active: Will he accept our invitation?
Passive: Will our invitation be accepted by him?


The auxiliaries can, may, will and shall do not change their beginning position when active voice is changed into the passive voice.

Active: Whom did you laugh at?
Passive: Who was laughed at by you?

Active: Who killed the snake?
Passive: By whom was the snake killed?


Who changes to by whom in the passive; (by) whom changes to who in the passive.

Active: Why did he punish you?
Passive: Why were you punished by him?

The question words when, where, why, how and what do not change their beginning position when the sentence is changed from the active to the passive.