How to emphasize a word?

We can emphasize a word by placing it first.

Study the following example.

Though he was hurt, he played well.

We can begin this sentence with hurt and then the emphasis will be on that word.

Hurt though he was, he played well. (Note the use of the comma.)

More examples are given below.

As she was shocked, she could not utter a word.

Shocked as she was, she could not utter a word. (Emphasis on the word shocked.)

Rewrite the following sentences placing the italicized word or phrase first. In some cases, you will need to add a comma. Read your sentences aloud and notice how the meaning changes.

1. The frightened birds flew up.

2. The guns boomed out unceasingly.

3. The tennis matches will start tomorrow.

4. The strong wind howled outside.

5. I need only his autograph for myself.


1. Up flew the frightened bird. (Emphasis on the word up)

2. Unceasingly the guns boomed out. (Emphasis on the word unceasingly)

3. Tomorrow the tennis matches will start. (Emphasis on the word tomorrow)

4. Outside, the strong wind howled. (Emphasis on the word outside)

5. For myself, I need only his autograph. (Emphasis on the phrase for myself)