Fill In The Blanks

Complete the following sentences.

1. The angry mob —————– the police men.

a) fell upon
b) fell out
c) fell back
d) fell off

2. How did you manage to —————— of that snob?

a) get over
b) get rid of
c) get off
d) get round

3. When they found that further resistance was useless, they decided to ————–

a) give up
b) give in
c) give out
d) give over

4. The father was furious at the son but was —————- by the mother.

a) held back
b) held in
c) held over
d) held out

5. I could not —————— him.

a) keep pace with
b) keep pace at
c) keep pace up
d) keep pace of

6. The lights —————- several times during the night.

a) went out
b) went off
c) went through
d) went by

7. Who —————— the sick people in hospitals?

a) looks after
b) looks for
c) looks up
d) looks on

8. The dishonest cashier —————- with ten thousand rupees.

a) made away
b) made after
c) made for
d) made up

9. The tiger pounced on the lamb and ————— with it into the thicket.

a) make up
b) made off
c) make out
d) make over

10. She has —————— a lot of sufferings.

a) passed through
b) passed by
c) passed off
d) passed by

11. The police had to use force to ——————— the violence.

a) put down
b) put by
c) put off
d) put on

12. The case has been —————- till next week.

a) put off
b) put down
c) put by
d) put on

13. The party has decided to —————– its candidate for the seat.

a) put up
b) put out
c) put off
d) put in


1. fell upon (attack)
2. get rid of (be free from)
3. give in (surrender)
4. held in (restrained)
5. keep pace with (advance at equal rate with)
6. went out (extinguish)
7. looks after (takes care of)
8. made away (steal)
9. made off (carry away)
10. passed through (underwent)
11. put down (suppress)
12. put off (postpone)
13. put up (propose)