Make Questions

We make questions by putting the auxiliary verb before the subject. In the simple present and simple past, we make questions by putting do, does or did before the subject.

1. You know him.

2. She passed the test.

3. They live in Mumbai.

4. She works as a receptionist.

5. It takes a lot of effort to learn a foreign language.

6. He can solve any puzzle.

7. She wants to go abroad.

8. They arrived in the morning.

9. She wants to be an architect.

10. They were surprised to find him there.

11. He returned to his motherland after completing his studies.

12. The children delivered a splendid performance.


1. Do you know him?

2. Did she pass the test?

3. Do they live in Mumbai?

4. Does she work as a receptionist?

5. Does it take a lot of effort to learn a foreign language?

6. Can he solve any puzzle?

7. Does she want to go abroad?

8. Did they arrive in the morning?

9. Does she want to be an architect?

10. Were they surprised to find him there?

11. Did he return to his motherland after completing his studies?

12. Did the children deliver a splendid performance?