Present perfect tense – quick overview

Here is a quick overview of the present perfect tense.

Subject + has / have + past participle + adverbials / complements etc.

She has worked with us since 2002.

They have lived here for fifteen years now.

She has grown enormously in the last few years.

The baby has slept for two hours now.

Has he gone to the post office already?

I have been there this morning.

Subject + present perfect + object + adverbials / complements etc.

I have seen him this morning.

I have never seen him before.

We have endured his tyranny for ages.

I have just completed my thesis on molecular biology.

They have already paid the dues since 2004.

Present perfect tense negative forms

Subject + has / have + not + past participle + object + adverbials / complements etc

You have not yet returned the money you borrowed from me.

She has not yet finished that job.

I have not been to Switzerland.

Present perfect tense question form

Has / have + subject + past participle + object /adverbials etc.

Has she returned the money?

Have they finished the job yet?

Has she agreed to come?

Question word + has / have + subject + past participle + object / adverbials etc.

Where has she gone?