Sentence Completion Exercise

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word or phrase.

1. I don’t think that it will be wise for us to ————— this information from her.

a) hold in
b) hold back
c) hold over
d) hold out

2. The meeting has been —————– till next week.

a) held back
b) held over
c) held out
d) held in

3. The roof of a house —————– the sun and the rain.

a) keeps of
b) keeps off
c) keeps in
d) keeps away

4. A large number of men and women —————– their lives for winning us our independence.

a) laid off
b) laid down
c) laid aside
d) laid by

5. Spoilt rich kids often seem to believe that they can commit a crime and then ————-

a) get on
b) get off
c) get over
d) get rid of

6. He ————– smoking at his wife’s request.

a) gave in
b) gave up
c) gave out
d) gave away

7. The judge promised to —————— the matter himself.

a) go after
b) go into
c) go in for
d) go off

8. All of a sudden the gun —————-

a) went off
b) go off
c) went out
d) went of

9. A large number of people are —————– every year by malaria.

a) carried off
b) carried on
c) carried out
d) carried in

10. I shall ————– you next Monday.

a) call in
b) call on
c) call upon
d) call for

11. Adversity ————— the best qualities in man.

a) calls forth
b) calls on
c) calls in
d) calls upon

12. The project —————- for lack of fund.

a) fell through
b) fell off
c) fell flat
d) fell off


1. hold back (keep secret)
2. held over (postpone)
3. keeps off (prevents)
4. laid down (sacrifice)
5. get off (escape punishment)
6. gave up (stop doing something)
7. go into (examine)
8. went off (fire)
9. carried off (die)
10. call on (pay a visit)
11. calls forth (brings out)
12. fell through (fail)