Tenses Exercise

Point out the verbs in the following sentences and name their tenses.

1.    The birds flew up in the sky.
2.    I will have to solve this problem.
3.    It has been raining since yesterday.
4.    She has written several short stories.
5.    He is waiting for you at the door.
6.    I am hoping to get a raise soon.
7.    I will get plenty of rest.
8.    I heard that he was coming.
9.    I have been waiting for this opportunity.
10.    The king had never before led his troops in battle.
11.    He killed the snake with a stick.
12.    By this time tomorrow, I shall have finished this job.
13.    He takes great pride in his work.
14.    If he is guilty, he will be punished.
15.    The farmer is cutting the crop which has ripened.
16.    I have solved the problem.
17.    The patient had died before the doctor arrived.
18.    It was raining.
19.    They are waiting for our reply.
20.    We decided to seek his opinion.


1.    Flew – simple past tense
2.    Will have – future perfect tense
3.    Has been raining – present perfect continuous tense
4.    Has written – present perfect tense
5.    Is waiting – present continuous tense
6.    Am hoping – present continuous tense
7.    Will get – simple future tense
8.    Heard – simple past; was coming – past continuous tense
9.    Have been waiting – present perfect continuous tense
10.    Had led – past perfect tense
11.    Killed – simple past tense
12.    Shall have finished – future perfect tense
13.    Takes – simple present
14.    Is – simple present; will be punished – simple future tense (passive)
15.    Is cutting – present continuous tense; has ripened – present perfect tense
16.    Have solved – present perfect tense
17.    Had died – past perfect; arrived – simple past tense
18.    Was raining – past continuous tense
19.    Are waiting – present continuous tense
20.    Decided – simple past tense