Using towards

Towards is a preposition. It is used to indicate the direction in which someone / something is going, facing or looking.

  • She walked towards me.
  • We walked along the path leading towards the park.
  • She was standing with her back towards me.

Towards is also used to say how you feel about someone or something.

  • The church’s attitude towards abortion and divorce hasn’t changed much in all these years.
  • I am not feeling very friendly towards her.

Towards can also mean near a particular point of time or place.

  • We will visit you some time towards the end of this month.
  • I was very busy towards the end of last month.
  • It was towards midnight when I finally managed to finish the report.
  • Her name appeared towards the middle of the list.

To contribute towards a fund is to make a small donation.

  • I will be happy to contribute towards the charitable project.


Go towards something

  • The authorities said that the proceeds from the sale of the land will go towards the construction of a school.
  • The money raised will go towards building an orphanage.

Put towards

To put money towards a fund is to contribute a certain amount of money.

  • Will you put a few dollars towards buying her a birthday present?

Make towards

To make towards something is to go in its direction.

  • She made towards the door.

Work towards

To work towards something is to do things that help you to make progress.

  • We must work towards solving the dispute.