Cambridge University Exams

The Cambridge University has developed a wide range of English tests. The most important among them are IELTS, FCE and CAE. You will find a variety of questions on these tests. You will also hear a variety of accents, but they tend towards British English.

Which English Test Should you Take?

If your goal is to pursue higher education in an English speaking country, take the TOEFL or IELTS. The IELTS has two versions. For academic purposes, you need to take the Academic versions of the IELTS test.


Several universities around the world now accept either of these tests. There are some important differences, too. Universities in the US and Canada prefer the TOEFL test. Universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand prefer the IELTS test.

The FCE and CAE are more general in nature. These tests are often requested by universities in the European region.

Study for Career

If you are taking an English test to enhance your career prospects, you need to take the TOEIC or the IELTS general test. These tests are designed to assess a candidate’s understanding of English as used in the workplace. The FCE and CAE tests are also good for developing overall English language skills in a range of areas.

General English Improvement

If you are taking an English test to improve your overall English skills, I would highly recommend the FCE (First Certificate in English). More advanced learners can take the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English).

Business English

The BULATS test administered by the University of Cambridge is not as popular as the IELTS or CAE tests, but it is your best choice if you want to improve your business English skills.