IELTS speaking sample questions

The following questions were asked in an IELTS speaking test held in Sri Lanka in July 2011.


Are you working or studying?
Tell me something about your job?
Do you like your job?
Were you good at science subjects? Did you like your science classes at school?
Is there anything you didn’t like about your science classes?
What is the importance of science in our day-to-day life?
Do you like to go to musical concerts? Why?
Do you think concerts are the best for enjoying music?
What about other options?


Test takers were asked to talk about an apartment or a house they would like to live in.

A cue card was given with the following questions.

Describe that house / apartment in a few sentences
Say why you like it
Say where the house /apartment should be


The topic for discussion was related to the topic for speech. The following questions were discussed.

Where would you like to live – in a city or in a rural area?
What are the differences between life in a village and life in a city?
What will be the future trends in lifestyle?
Do you think that governments will eventually ban large cities?
What are the advantages of living in a city?
What are the advantages of living in a village?