Uses of Care

Take care of

Take care of normally means ‘look after’.

Who take care of people in hospitals?
He does not take care of his old parents.
No one took care of the children after their parents died.
John takes care of marketing and Alice is responsible for production.
He is too young to take care of his things.

Take care without a preposition means ‘be careful’.

Take care or you will fall off the ladder.

Some people use take care as a formula when saying good bye.

Care about

If you care about something, you think that it is important. You also care about things that interest or worry you.

Note that care about is more common in questions and negatives. If there is no object, care is used without about.

I don’t care what you do.
I don’t care about your opinion. (NOT I don’t take care of your opinion. NOT  I don’t care for your opinion.)
‘She is very upset with you.’ ‘I don’t care.’

Note that ‘couldn’t care less‘ means ‘don’t care at all’.

Care for

Care for means ‘like’ or ‘be fond of’.

I don’t care for you. (= I don’t like you.)
I don’t care for cricket. (= I don’t enjoy playing or watching cricket.)