Clauses and phrases exercise

Rearrange the words and make meaningful sentences.

1. health good is everyone necessary for

2. shadows the evening casts sun long

3. moon in a the sky bright shone

4. learns intelligent his student subjects quickly an

5. not the flying really fish does fly

6. one-eyed a giant treasure guarded the

7. are the up powers piling arms nuclear

8. question an the important be will discussed at meeting

9. people audience began some among to leave the

10. one was men of the three in car injured the

11. our of library one the in the is best town

12. there a of Sanskrit are the books in library number


1. Good health is necessary for everyone.

2. The evening sun casts long shadows.

3. A bright moon shone in the sky.

4. An intelligent student learns his subjects quickly.

5. The flying fish does not really fly.

6. A one-eyed giant guarded the treasure.

7. The nuclear powers are piling up arms.

8. An important question will be discussed at the meeting.

9. Some people among the audience began to leave.

10. One of the three men in the car was injured.

11. Our library is one of the best in the town.

12. There are a number of Sanskrit books in the library.