Conversations about jobs and career

Storyline: Jack has received a good job offer from a software firm in the US. Here is a piece of conversation between him and his friend Ted.

Jack: Hello, Ted. How’re you doing?

Ted: Very well, thanks. How’re you?

Jack: I’m fine, thank you. Haven’t seen you in a long time? What were you doing?

Ted: Well, I was busy with my studies. By the way, I heard you were going abroad.

Jack: Yes, I’ve got a good job with a US software firm. I’m leaving for the US tomorrow.

Ted: You’ve made it big, mate. I’m really happy for you.

Jack: Thank you. Well, I’ve got to do some packing. See you later. Bye.

Ted: Bye. Have a nice journey.

Jack: Thank you.


To make it big is to become highly successful.

Conversation 2

Storyline: Harry has found a good job in London and is ready to move there. However, he wants to keep in touch with his friends in his hometown.Here is a piece of conversation between him and his friend Stella.

Stella: I heard you were moving to London.

Harry: Yes, I’ve got a good job with a construction firm in London.

Stella: Really? That’s great! But I’m going to miss you.

Harry: Don’t you think I’ll miss you, too? I’ll keep in touch with you.

Stella: Will you? I’m not all that convinced.

Harry: Trust me. I won’t forget you. I’ll keep you posted.

Stella: You’ve my email address?

Harry: Oh, I’ve your postal address as well as email address.

Stella: All right! I look forward to hearing from you soon. All the best!

Harry: Thank you.


To keep somebody posted is to stay in touch with them through letters or emails.