Expressions with stand

Here is a list of expressions with stand. Each expression is followed by its meaning or definition.

Can’t stand it

If you can’t stand something, you hate it.

  • I can’t stand the smell of raw fish.

Stand by

To stand by someone is to support them or abide by a promise.

  • None of my friends stood by me when I needed their support desperately.

Stand down / stand aside

To stand down is to resign from a job.

  • The opposition insisted that the Prime Minister should stand down.

Stand out

When you stand out, you stick out or become easily noticeable.

  • Because of his blue eyes, he easily stands out from the other boys.

Stand someone up

To stand someone up is to fail to keep a date with them.

  • I am not going to talk to him again. He stood me up the other day.

Stand up for

To stand up for somebody is to speak or act in support of them.

  • There was no one to stand up for us.

Stand up to

To stand up to someone is to resist them in a spirited way.

  • The young lad bravely stood up to the gangsters.