General conversations about health

Conversation 1

I have a bad cold and runny nose

Roopa: You don’t look so good. What happened?

Mitra: I’ve a bad cold and a runny rose. I think I’m also running a temperature.

Roopa: Poor girl! Are you taking any medicine?

Mitra: Nothing so far. Have you got anything that would make me feel better?

Roopa: Well, let me see.

Mitra: OK, but quick!

Roopa: I’ve brought something for you.

Mitra: Great! Bring it on.

Roopa: Here’s some cold and flu medicine. They should reduce your temperature and ease some discomfort.

Mitra: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Roopa: That’s okay but don’t forget to take plenty of fluids.

Conversation 2

That sounds serious.

Sonia: Hi Vishnu. How’re you?

Vishnu: I’m okay now, Sonia, but I was so ill last week.

Sonia: Oh, dear, what was the problem?

Vishnu: I was perfectly all right in the morning, but then my eyes started going blurry. I was so scared. After ten-fifteen minutes, my head started hurting.

Sonia: I’m so sorry… that sounds serious…

Vishnu: Actually, it wasn’t. My brother took me to the doctor and he said that I was having a classic migraine attack. He prescribed some tablets. I’m still taking some tablets, but I  feel much better now.

Sonia: I’m so relieved to hear this. I was starting to panic, you know.

Vishnu: So you do have some concerns for me, don’t you?