Idioms and expressions

Fill in the blanks with appropriate idioms and expressions.

1. How did these things ——————-?

a) come about
b) come by
c) bring about
d) go about

2. The manager —————— an explanation of its unruly conduct.

a) called for
b) called out
c) called in
d) called on

3. Now that he is old he is finding it difficult to —————— past events.

a) call up
b) call on
c) call in
d) call for

4. When will the convocation ——————–?

a) come off
b) come by
c) come out
d) came up

5. He —————- in the middle of his speech.

a) broke off
b) broke up
c) broke into
d) broke with

6. He found great difficulty in —————— her —————- to his views.

a) bringing round
b) bringing up
c) bringing out
d) bringing in

7. Adversity often —————— virtues and abilities unsuspected before.

a) calls for
b) calls out
c) calls in
d) calls on

8. He was —————— by passion.

a) carried away
b) carried on
c) carried off
d) carried out

9. The scheme —————- for want of support.

a) fell through
b) fell off
c) fell back
d) fell out

10. The question —————- before the committee last week.

a) came up
b) came about
c) came out
d) came round


1. come about (happen)
2. called for (demanded)
3. call up (recollect)
4. come off (take place)
5. broke off (stopped suddenly)
6. bringing round (convince)
7. calls out (draw forth)
8. carried away (cause to lose self control)
9. fell through (failed)
10. came up (was raised for discussion)