How to Improve English Quickly – Part II

Practice the act of speaking English

Speak English whenever you get a chance. That you know the grammar rules doesn’t necessarily mean that you can speak English well. To speak English fluently, you need to practice the act of speaking often.

While doing exercises at home, speak English loudly. By speaking English aloud, you will connect your brain with your facial muscles. This will help improve your pronunciation and make you a better speaker.

Look for situations in which you must speak English

This is probably the most useful technique. Look for situations in which you need to speak or write English. By using English in these ‘real world’ situations, you will polish your speaking and writing skills in English. Of course, learning English in your classroom is very helpful, but it is not always enough. To improve your fluency and writing skills, you need to put your English knowledge into practice.

If you live in a country where English isn’t widely spoken, you will probably not find a lot of real world situations to speak English. In such cases, try listening to English news channels and watch English films. These will help you understand the pronunciation of English words. Participate in English forums. Ask questions and post replies. And if you have email friends, exchange mails in English. Slowly but steadily your English will become perfect.