Pronouns exercise

Point out the pronouns in the following sentences and state for what noun each stands.

1. The boy wasn’t hurt, and he sprang to his feet in a moment.

2. There were gates on either end of the wall, but they were both locked.

3. Alice opened the door and found that it was leading to a small passage.

4. ‘You are not listening’, said the mouse to Alice severely.

5. Jane wrote a letter and posted it.

6. I have lost my keys and can’t find them anywhere.

7. Suresh is the best student in the class, for he studies hard.

8. The camel is a beast of burden. It is made to carry goods across the desert.

9. Birds build their nests in trees.

10. If the thief is caught, he will be punished.


1. he and his (stands for the noun the boy)

2. they (stands for the noun gates)

3. it (stands for the noun door)

4. you (stands for the noun Alice)

5. it (stands for the noun letter)

6. then (stands for the noun keys)

7. he (stands for the noun Suresh)

8. it (stands for the noun camel)

9. their (stands for the noun birds)

10. he (stands for the noun thief)