Recommend and suggest


To recommend is to advise that someone should do something.

Recommend that

Recommend can be followed by a that-clause.

  • I recommend that you apply for that job.
  • I recommend that you buy health insurance.

Recommend can be followed by an –ing form.

  • We recommend buying a new laptop.
  • I recommend booking early.

We can also recommend someone to do something.

  • Students are recommended to read the instructions carefully.

We recommend someone/something to someone

  • He recommended me to his boss and hence I got the job.

Recommend collocates with the following adverbs: heartily, thoroughly, highly, wholeheartedly and unreservedly.


To suggest is to offer an idea for someone else’s consideration.

Suggest can be followed by an –ing form or a that-clause.

  • She suggested that I should consult a doctor.
  • Mother suggested buying a new toothbrush.
  • If you experience any difficulty, we suggest contacting the support team.

Suggest collocates with the following expressions: politely, seriously, respectfully, tactfully, strongly and tentatively.

Suggest and recommend have similar meanings.

  • Can you suggest a nice restaurant to us?
  • Can you recommend a good restaurant to us?
  • The doctor suggested taking a short break.

Note that suggest cannot be followed by a to-infinitive.

  • She suggested that I should consult a doctor. OR She suggested consulting a doctor. (NOT She suggested me to consult a doctor.)
  • The government suggested building another airport. (NOT The government suggested to build another airport.)