Short Answers Exercise

Answer the following questions in a) the affirmative and in b) the negative.

1. Can you speak English?
2. Do you like sweets?
3. Are you angry with him?
4. Will she come?
5. Is it going to rain?
6. Am I wrong?
7. Does she smoke?
8. Did you see him yesterday?
9. Will they accept our invitation?
10. Is John staying with his grandfather?
11. Has he got a good job?
12. Are they interested in the offer?
13. Was she angry with you?
14. Is your father a doctor?
15. Will she marry her boyfriend?


1. a) Yes, I can. b) No, I can’t.

2. a) Yes, I do. b) No, I don’t.

3. a) Yes, I am. b) No, I’m not.

4. a) Yes, she will. b) No, she won’t.

5. a) Yes, it is. b) No, it isn’t.

6. a) Yes, you are. b) No, you aren’t.

7. a) Yes, she does. b) No, she doesn’t.

8. a) Yes, I did. b) No, I didn’t.

9. a) Yes, they will. b) No, they won’t.

10. a) Yes, he is. b) No, he  isn’t.

11. a) Yes, he has. b) No, he hasn’t.

12. a) Yes, they are. b) No, they aren’t.

13. a) Yes, she was. b) No, she wasn’t.

14. a) Yes, he is. b)  No, he isn’t.

15. a) Yes, she will. b) No, she won’t.