Travel, journey, trip etc

There are several alternatives for the noun trip.


The word journey is usually countable. A journey is a trip from one place to another. A journey can be long or difficult.

  • The journey was quite exhausting.
  • Did you have a good journey?
  • Although the journey was pleasant, it was too long.


Travel is usually uncountable. It means ‘traveling in general’.

Travel has a plural form – travels

The word travels is used to refer to a number of trips undertaken over a period of time.

  • He is writing a book on his travels around the world.


A tour is a single trip to several different places. During a tour you may visit several places of interest.

  • He is on a business tour.
  • Last year we went on a two-week tour of France.


An expedition is a journey undertaken with a specific objective such as scientific research.

  • Who led the first expedition to South Pole?


An outing is a short trip. Most outings last less than a day.

  • The school is organizing an outing to the museum.


An excursion is an organized trip.

  • The travel agency organizes excursions to major tourist attractions in the area.

There are also some other words which suggest specific methods of transport.


A voyage is a long trip by sea. A trip in space is also called a voyage. Example: space voyage.


A flight is travel by plane.


A drive is a trip that involves traveling by car.

  • We went for a long drive.


A ride is a short trip on a bike or a motorcycle.