Wolf idioms

Here is a list of idioms using the word wolf. Each idiom is followed by its meaning or definition. Example sentences are also given.

Cry wolf

To cry wolf is to raise a false alarm. This is not recommended, because it will certainly land you in trouble someday.

He must be crying wolf. I can’t find anything wrong with the electrical system.

Keep the wolf from the door

To keep the wolf from the door is to earn enough to meet one’s basic needs.

She works three jobs in a day; still she can’t keep the wolf from the door.

Keep the wolves at bay

To keep the wolves at bay is to fight against some evil.

Civil rights groups are working hard to keep the wolves at bay.

A lone wolf

A lone wolf is somebody who prefers to spend time alone. If you are a lone wolf, you are unlikely to have many friends.

He has always been a lone wolf. I have never seen him hanging out with people.

Throw someone to the wolves

To throw someone to the wolves is to send them to trouble.

The manager threw his subordinate to the wolves and saved his job.

Wolf down

To wolf down is to eat something quickly.

As I was very hungry I wolfed down my lunch in about two minutes.