Word combinations with preposition with

It is not always easy to know which preposition to use after a particular noun, verb or adjective. Here is a list of common combinations with the preposition with.

Afflict with

He was afflicted with polio.

Agree with

He left the firm because he couldn’t agree with their policies.

Angry with

I was angry with her for lying to me.

Busy with

Of late, he has been busy with his studies.

Charge with

He was charged with the murder of his girlfriend.

Compete with

I don’t want to compete with her.

Comply with

We regret that we cannot comply with your request.

Conversant with

He is thoroughly conversant with the plan.

Deal with

You must learn how to deal with different kinds of people.

Disagree with

I entirely disagree with you.

Disappointed with

I was disappointed with my performance.

Disgusted with

I am disgusted with his behavior.

Entrusted with

The police inspector was entrusted with the task of suppressing the riots.

Familiar with

I am familiar with this matter.

Fight with

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life fighting with the tax office.

Furnish with

The laboratory was furnished with all necessary equipment.

Identical with

This handwriting is identical with that.

Ill with

She is ill with pneumonia.

Impressed with

I am very impressed with your performance.

Interfere with

You may cultivate your hobbies as long as they do not interfere with your studies.

Meddle with

Please don’t try to meddle with my affairs.

Mix with

He doesn’t easily mix with other people.

Overwhelmed with

I was overwhelmed with grief.

Part with

I can’t part with this home.

Popular with

He is very popular with the masses.

Reconciled with

She is now reconciled with her husband.

Sympathize with

I sympathize with you.

Tamper with

He tampered with the office files and registers.

Understanding with

We have come to an understanding with the workers.