Active and passive voice exercise

Change the following sentences from passive voice to active voice

1. Let the room be cleaned.

2. Let this table be cleaned.

3. Is English spoken in this country?

4. Will a bridge be built by the government?

5. When will the results be announced by them?

6. Will the project be completed this month?

7. My purse has been stolen.

8. These books were printed by them.

9. He is hated by everyone.

10. The thief has been arrested by the police.

11. By whom was the glass broken?

12. Why were you cheated by him?

13. The mangoes were being eaten by the monkey.

14. The window was broken by him.

15. This house has always been admired by people.

16. The Christmas tree is being decorated by the children.

17. Two novels have been written by her.


1. Clean the room.

2. Clean the table.

3. Do they speak English in this country?

4. Will the government build a bridge?

5. When will they announce the results?

6. Will they complete the project this month?

7. Somebody has stolen my purse.

8. They printed these books.

9. Everyone hates him.

10. The police have arrested the thief.

11. Who broke the glass?

12. Why did he cheat you?

13. The monkey was eating the mangoes.

14. He broke the window.

15. People have always admired this house.

16. The children are decorating the Christmas tree.

17. She has written two novels.