Antonyms exercise

Against each key word are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the key word.

1. Inclination

a) reflection
b) aversion
c) disgust
d) decline

2. Inculpate
a) sensitive
b) exonerate
c) barbaric
d) accuse

3. Indifferent
a) kind
b) responsible
c) apathetic
d) compassionate
4. Inference
a) caution
b) foreknowledge
c) kindness
d) conclusion
5. Infinite

a) overdone
b) boundless
c) endless
d) limited

6. Ingenuity
a) skillful
b) cleverness
c) stupidity
d) certain

7. Insolent
a) innocent
b) brazen
c) magnificent
d) courteous

8. Install
a) add
b) enter
c) dethrone
d) claim
9. Intellect
a) sane
b) rational
c) inanity
d) reason

10. Intentional
a) premeditated
b) designed
c) accidental
d) cautious

11. Intrinsic

a) innate
b) extrinsic
c) congenital
d) none of these

12. Invincible

a) omnipotent
b) beatable
c) unbeatable
d) vulnerable

13. Isolation

a) separation
b) segregation
c) loneliness
d) association

14. Jade

a) dull
b) tired
c) lackluster
d) fresh

15. Jaunt

a) leave
b) stay
c) return
d) remain

16. Jealousy

a) ill will
b) unhappiness
c) happiness
d) kindness

17. Jeer

a) applaud
b) mock
c) laugh rudely
d) express displeasure

18. Jeopardize

a) protect
b) perilous
c) endanger
d) serve

19. Jocular

a) humorous
b) dull
c) playful
d) funny

20. Jittery

a) shaky
b) stable
c) strong
d) careless


1. aversion
2. exonerate
3. responsible
4. foreknowledge
5. limited
6. stupidity
7. courteous
8. dethrone
9. inanity
10. accidental
11. extrinsic
12. beatable
13. association
14. fresh
15. stay
16. happiness
17. applaud
18. protect
19. dull
20. stable