Asking someone out

Here are some common phrases you can use to ask someone out.

Are you free this evening?

Are you free tomorrow?

Are you up to anything this weekend?

Have you got any plans for tomorrow?

How are you planning to spend the evening?

Have you got any special plans for the evening / weekend?

What are you doing in the evening?

What would you like to do tomorrow?

Do you want to go somewhere tomorrow?

We are going to the movies tonight. Would you like to join us?

Do you want to go out tomorrow evening?

Would you like to go out tonight?

Do you fancy going out tonight?

Here are some sample responses.

If you are interested in accepting the invitation, you can use the following expressions.


Yes, I’d like to.

Yes, I’d love to.

That sounds good.

That sounds like a great idea.

That would be fun.

That sounds like fun.

If you want to refuse the invitation, you can use the phrases given below.

No, thanks.

Sorry, I won’t be able to make it.

I’m afraid I can’t make it.

I’m afraid I already have some other plans for the weekend.

Sorry, but I’ve got some other plans.

No, I’m too tired to go out tonight.

No, I don’t feel like going out. I’d rather stay in tonight.

I’m too busy.

Sorry, I’m a little busy at the moment.

Sorry, I’m a little busy.

I’ve got too much work to do.

I want to study.

I want to get some sleep.

I want to get some rest.