Change into active

Rewrite the following sentences so that the verbs will be in the active voice.

1. He was praised by his father.

2. The first railway was built by George Stephenson.

3. The horse was frightened by the noise.

4. Not a word was spoken by the boy.

5. The teacher was impressed with the boy’s work.

6. He was taken to the hospital by his friends.

7. The town was destroyed by an earthquake.

8. The President was welcomed by the people.

9. The building was damaged by the fire.

10. The French fleet was defeated by Nelson.

11. We will be blamed by everyone.

12. The child was knocked down by the car.


1. His father praised him.

2. George Stephenson built the first railway station.

3. The noise frightened the horse.

4. The boy did not speak a word.

5. The boy’s work impressed the teacher.

6. His friends took him to the hospital.

7. The earthquake destroyed the town.

8. The people welcomed the President.

9. The fire damaged the building.

10. Nelson defeated the French fleet.

11. Everyone will blame us.

12. The car knocked the child down.