Change affirmative to interrogative sentences

This worksheet tests your ability to change affirmative sentences into interrogative sentences.

Change affirmative sentences to interrogative sentences.

1. James teaches at a school.

2. Susie has a beautiful voice.

3. Peter knows the answer.

4. Maria lives with her aunt.

5. She took a lot of time to finish the work.

6. He told me a story.

7. The boy stole the money.

8. She went to school.

9. Alice made a cake yesterday.

10. Peter wants to become an engineer.

11. Lara works very hard.

12. Rohan played basketball at university.

13. Peter earns a handsome salary.

14. Julie visited Ibrahim yesterday.


1. Does James teach at a school?

2. Does Susie have a beautiful voice?

3. Does Peter know the answer?

4. Does Maria live with her aunt?

5. Did she take a lot of time to finish the work?

6. Did he tell me a story?

7. Did the boy steal the money?

8. Did she go to school?

9. Did Alice make a cake yesterday?

10. Does Peter want to become an engineer?

11. Does Lara work very hard?

12. Did Rohan play basketball at university?

13. Does Peter earn a handsome salary?

14. Did Julie visit Ibrahim yesterday?