Change declarative sentences into exclamatory sentences

Change the following declarative sentences into exclamatory sentences.


A declarative sentence merely makes a statement. You can change it into an exclamatory sentence using a structure with what or how.

Use ‘what a/an’ before an adjective + noun. Use ‘how’ before an adjective without a noun.

1. He is very obedient.

2. New York is a very big city.

3. You sing very well.

4. It was a splendid performance.

5. He is very brave.

6. You are very fortunate.

7. She is a brilliant actor.

8. You are very kind.

9. Iron is very useful.

10. Sophia is a gorgeous young lady.

11. You have a lovely smile.

12. He is very generous.

13. She is very knowledgeable.

14. It was a pleasant surprise.

15. Gold is very precious.

16. He is a very intelligent boy.


1. How obedient he is!

2. What a big city New York is!

3. How well you sing!

4. What a splendid performance it was!

5. How brave he is!

6. How fortunate you are!

7. What a brilliant actor she is!

8. How kind you are!

9. How useful iron is!

10. What a gorgeous young lady Sophia is!

11. What a lovely smile you have!

12. How generous he is!

13. How knowledgeable she is!

14. What a pleasant surprise it was!

15. How precious gold is!

16. What an intelligent boy he is!