Change imperative sentence into declarative sentence

Change the following imperative sentences into declarative sentence.

1. The mother told the children, ‘Take milk twice a day to improve your health.’ (Use advise)

2. The invigilator to the candidates, ‘Stop writing. Time is up.’ (Use ask.)

3. The police inspector told the constables, ‘Arrest him and take him to the police station.’ (Use order.)

4. My friend told me, ‘Apply for the job.’ (Use urge.)

5. The lady downstairs told us, ‘Be quiet after nine o’clock.’

6. The policeman told me, ‘Don’t park here.’

7. Ann said, ‘I will baby-sit tonight.’

8. My father said to me, ‘Don’t trust that fellow.’

9. I told John, ‘Be careful.’

10. The officer said to the clerk, ‘Complete this work before you go home.’ (Use order.)


1. The mother advised the children to take milk twice a day to improve their health.

2. The invigilator asked the candidates to stop writing because time was up.

3. The police inspector ordered the constables to arrest the man and take him to the police station.

4. My friend urged me to apply for that job.

5. The lady downstairs asked us to be quiet after nine o’clock.

6. The policeman told me not to park there.

7. Ann has offered to baby-sit tonight. OR Ann offered to baby-sit that night.

8. My father cautioned me against trusting that fellow. OR My father advised me not to trust that fellow.

9. I told John to be careful.

10. The officer ordered the clerk to complete that work before he went home