Change Tense As Directed

Change tense as directed.

1. I will talk to him. (Change into simple past)

2. She works as a receptionist. (Change into past continuous)

3. I will help you. (Change into simple past)

4. They spend hours talking. (Change into simple future)

5. I have been running for hours. (Change into past perfect tense)

6. She didn’t offer me any help. (Change into simple present)

7. She takes good care of her health. (Change into simple past)

8. I can run six miles in an hour. (Change into simple past)

9. She works hard to support her family. (Change into present perfect.)

10. He has done a lot for me. (Change into simple past)

11. I waited for an hour. (Change into present perfect)

12. She lives alone. (Change into present perfect continuous tense)


1. I talked to him. (Simple past.)

2. She was working as a receptionist. (Past continuous)

3. I helped you. (Simple past)

4. They will spend hours talking. (Simple future)

5. I had run for hours. (Past perfect tense)

6. She doesn’t offer me any help. (Simple present)

7. She took good care of her health. (Simple past)

8. I ran six miles in an hour. (Simple past)

9. She has worked hard to support her family. (Present perfect)

10. He did a lot for me. (Simple past)

11. I have waited for an hour. (Present perfect)

12. She has been living alone. (Perfect continuous tense)