Common Phrasal Verbs

Here are some common phrasal verbs in English with their meaning.

Come down – To come down is to move to a lower level.

Pull down – To pull something down is to demolish it.

Back up – To back up is to support somebody or something.

Back out – To back out is to avoid doing something you had promised to do.

Back down – To back down is to decide not to do something you were planning to do.

Break in – To break boots / shoes in is to use them until they become comfortable.

Break something down – To break something down is to destroy it.

Break something off – To break something off is to put an end to it because of some problem.

Break something up – To break a meeting up is to put an end to it.

Break out – Break out is an inseparable phrasal verb. When a riot breaks out, it appears suddenly.

Bring out – To bring something out is to make it available in the market.

Bring off – To bring it off is to succeed in doing something.

Bring about – To bring something about is to make it happen.

Bring somebody in – To bring somebody in is to call and ask them to help.

Bring back – If something brings back old memories, it makes you think about events that happened a long time ago.