Conversations About Occupation

Here are three pieces of conversation about jobs.

A: What is your occupation?
B: I’m a doctor. Actually, I’m a pediatrician.
A: Oh. That’s great. Do you run a clinic or something?
B: Yes, I run a nursing home in the city.
A: Great. So you must be very busy.
B: Yes, we doctors hardly get any time for ourselves.
A: But you guys save lives. Isn’t it a noble thing?
B: Yeah, that’s what keeps us motivated.


The expression ‘You guys’is used to talk about two or more people.

Conversation 2

X: What is your occupation?
Y: I’m a mechanic.
X: Oh. That must be a lot of work.
Y: It’s. I fix cars.
X: That’s interesting. How many cars do you fix in a day?
Y: Well, that depends. During some days I fix as many as 10 cars, but yesterday I fixed only six.
X: Do you like your job?
Y: Of course, I do. I like cars and have always been into mechanics.

Conversation 3

P: What do you do for a living?
Q: I’m a journalist.
P: Really? I’ve great respect for you guys. Do you work for a newspaper or a television channel?
Q: I work for a newspaper.
P: Great. When I was in college, I was keen on becoming a journalist, but my parents didn’t support me. They felt that journalism was a risky field to be in.
Q: Yes, journalists have to take a lot of risks and challenges. Sometimes we risk our own lives in our quest to find the truth. But the satisfaction we get is immense. Actually, that’s what keeps us in this profession.
P: You are right. Job satisfaction is far more important than job safety.