Direct and Indirect Objects: Exercise

Rewrite the following sentences putting the indirect objects before the direct objects.

1. Jane told a secret to me.

2. John’s father left a huge property for him.

3. Call a taxi for me.

4. They promised their help for us.

5. My mother gifted a necklace to me.

6. My friend did a great favor for me.

7. She lent her necklace to me.

8. The principal granted leave for us.

9. I promised my support for him.

10. The President awarded a gold medal to him.

11. Our guest told an interesting story to us.

12. I bade a sad farewell to my friends.


1. Jane told me a secret.

2. John’s father left him a huge property.

3. Call me a taxi.

4. They promised us their help.

5. My mother gifted me a necklace.

6. My friend did me a great favor.

7. She lent me her necklace.

8. The principal granted us leave.

9. I promised him my support.

10. The President awarded him a gold medal.

11. Our guide told us an interesting story.

12. I bade my friends a sad farewell.


The indirect object comes before the direct object when it is shorter than the direct object, or when the direct object has to be made prominent.