Direct and indirect speech exercise

Change the sentences in direct speech to indirect speech.

1. ‘Please give me something to eat,’ the boy said to the lady.

2.’How will you finish the work alone?’ the master asked the servant.

3. ‘It is a pleasure for me to help you,’ said my friend.

4. ‘When did you return from the office?’ Leela asked her father.

5. ‘Raju, don’t waste your time in idle talk,’ said the father to his son.

6. ‘What do you want me to bring for you?’ Venu asked his wife.

7. Chitra said to her friends, ‘Will you listen to such a man?’

8. ‘Do you play cricket?’ Raju said to me.

9. Kamala said to her parents, ‘What time will you come back?’

10. The teacher asked, ‘James, whose pen are you writing with?’


1. The boy requested the lady to give him something to eat.

2. The master asked the servant how he would finish the work alone.

3. My friend said that it was a pleasure for him to help me.

4. Leela asked her father when he had returned from the office.

5. The father advised his son Raju not to waste his time in idle talk.

6. Venu asked his wife what she wanted him to bring for her.

7. Chitra asked her friends if they would listen to such a man.

8. Raju asked me if I played cricket.

9. Kamala asked her parents what time they would come back.

10. The teacher asked James whose pen he was writing with.