Asking about education

Here are some questions you can ask about a person’s education.

‘Are you a student?’‘Yes. I’m studying engineering.’

‘Are you studying?’ ‘No, I’m working.’ / ‘No, I left school last year.’

‘What do you want to do after university?’ ‘I want to get a job.’

‘What do you study?’‘I am studying physics / chemistry / medicine / engineering.’

‘What is your brother doing now?’ ‘He’s doing masters in law.’

‘Which university are you at?’ / ‘I’m at Jaipur University.’

‘What college do you go to?’‘I go to the St. Stephen’s College.’

‘What are you doing at the moment?’‘I’m doing a diploma course in electronics.’

‘Which university did you go to?’ ‘I went to the Cambridge University.’

‘Did you go to university?’ ‘No, I didn’t go to university.’ / ‘I never went to university.’

‘Which year are you in?’‘I’m in my first / second / third /final year.’

‘Where do you study?’‘I’m at Oxford University.’ / ‘I study at MIT.’

‘What did you study at university?’‘I studied physics / law / literature / business at university.’

‘How many more semesters do you have to go?’ ‘I still have two semesters to go.’


‘What do you want to do after graduation?’ ‘I want to do post-graduation.’

‘What are you going to do after you’ve finished your studies?’ ‘I want to get a job.’ / ‘I don’t know what to do after university. I might look for a job.’