English for Banking

Here are some phrases you can use at the bank.

When you go to the bank or need to use a cash machine, these are some of the English expressions you will have to use.

Making transactions

I’d like to deposit this check.

  • I want to make a withdrawal.
  • I’d like to withdraw some money.
  • I’d like to order a new check book, please.
  • I’d like to withdraw $ 5000 please.
  • I’d like to send some money to my parents.
  • ‘I’d like to break a 500 rupee note.’ ‘How would you like your money?’ ‘In hundreds, please.’
  • Could you give me some smaller notes?
  • I’d like to change some dollars / pounds / dinars.
  • I’d like to transfer some money from my current account to my savings account.
  • I’d like to cancel a check
  • I’d like to cancel this standing order.
  • At the post office

These English phrases will help you in a post office when you need to buy stamps, send mail, or use other services.

Postal services

  • I’d like to send this parcel to Tokyo.
  • I’d like some stamps, please.
  • Could I have an envelope?
  • May I put this letter in that box?
  • I’d like to send some money.
  • How much will it cost to send this parcel to Nepal?
  • How much will it cost to send a registered letter to Kerala?
  • Can you put this envelope on the scales, please?
  • I’d like to send this letter by Express. How much will it cost?
  • I still haven’t received the letter that my mother sent last week.
  • Where’s the postbox?
  • I’ve come to collect a parcel.
  • I’ve come to inquire about a registered letter.
  • Can you weigh this parcel?