English for Shopping

Replying to a sales assistant

Sales assistants are people hired to help customers with shopping. When you enter a shop, the sales assistant will usually ask if you need any help. If you want some time to look around before you decide on an item to purchase, you can say a phrase like ‘I’m just looking, thanks.’ or ‘I’m just browsing, thanks.’

Here is a sample conversation

Sales assistant: Hello! Can I help you?

Customer: I’m just looking, thanks.

Sales assistant: It’s OK. Feel free to ask if you need any help. I’m over here.

Example 2

Sales assistant: Hello! Are you looking for anything in particular, Sir?

Customer: Well, not really. I’m just browsing, thanks.

Sales assistant: OK. I’m over here. Let me know if you need anything.

Customer: OK. Thanks.

Example 3

Situation: Vicky has just bought a shirt. He is happy with it; nonetheless he decides to ask the cashier about their return policy.

Cashier:  Would you like to buy something else?

Vicky: No, thank you. I think that’s it. By the way, in case the shirt shrinks or fades, can I return it?

Cashier: Sure, but you must return it within 15 days.

Vicky: Is there a restocking fee?

Cashier: No, we don’t charge any fee, but you must show the receipt when you return an item. And one more thing… We won’t give you a refund. Instead, you’ll have to buy something else of the same or higher value.

Vicky: Oh. I see. Anyway thanks.

Cashier: That’s okay. Keep your receipt. If you find anything wrong with the shirt, you can exchange it for something else.

Vicky: Thanks. I’ll definitely keep the receipt.