English Speaking Lessons

If you have an electronic gadget that does not work properly, you will want to get it repaired. Here are some questions you may have about getting your electronic gadgets repaired. Sample answers are also provided.

‘My watch is fast. Where can I get it repaired?’
‘My camera isn’t working. Do you know where I can get it repaired?’
‘Do you do computer repairs?’
‘There is something wrong with my watch. It loses time.’
‘Maybe you need to change the battery.’
‘You’ll probably have to send it back to the manufacturer.’
‘There’s a good watch repair shop down the street.’
‘Do you repair laptops / televisions / cameras?’ ‘Yeah, we do.’
‘I’m a little busy at the moment. I won’t be able to do it until next week.’

‘When will it be ready?’ ‘It’ll be ready by Friday / tomorrow / next week.’
‘How long will it take?’ ‘It’ll take two days.’
‘I’ll repair it straight away.’
‘How much will it cost?’ ‘It’ll cost about 2000 rupees.’
‘I don’t think you should get it repaired. It isn’t worth it.’
‘It isn’t worth repairing. You should consider buying a new camera.’
I’ve come to collect my camera. Is it ready yet?
‘Do you repair it yourself?’ ‘No, we can’t do it here. We’ll send it back to the manufacturers.’